2 Days Out - We GO Tomorrow!

Yep, I am officially less than 48 hours away from being on the road and starting off my second marathon. I am scared outta my brain right now, but trying to just ignore it because I know that I trained hard and worked hard. I have eaten well (but not too much) this week, I have skipped alcohol. I have run lightly throughout the week - a 5K on three different days. I am taking a rest day today and running 1-2 miles tomorrow morning, possibly with my husband.

After the short run tomorrow morning, I am going to run to the grocery to get anything that we might need as far as fuel to take with us. Peanut butter, coffee cups, bagel thins. That is the plan as of now, that way we can eat something in our hotel room before the race in the morning while we are getting ready. And we will not have to worry about scrounging around for breakfast when we get downtown early early early on Sunday morning. The race facebook page has been really specific about the fact that getting downtown is going to take a long time, so I have in my head a super early morning. Corrals open at 6, close at 7, and the race starts at 7:30.

After my quick trip to the grocery, I will head back home for some last minute packing and stuff to make sure that I have everything that I need for the race. My outfit is completely planned out. I think I am going to bring a back with clean dry shirts and socks (or flip flops) for J and I to check at the start/finish. That way he can get something warm and dry to get into while he hangs out and waits for me to finish. I haven't done a bag check ever before, but it might be a good plan for this race since he is running as well.

I have to go through our goodwill bag tonight as well to find some throwaway fleece and/or hoodies. I know we have got to have a thing or two around that will work for this.

Karen says we are going to DOMINATE. I don't want to let her down!


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