Yesterday's Accidental Half Marathon

If you recall, I mentioned in yesterday's entry that I was going to hammer out a few miles with the hubby last night. J is training for the Columbus half marathon and he had four miles on the schedule, which was perfect for me. It would put me at 9 miles for the day and 19 miles for the week. Then I had plans to do 5-6 this morning, which would put me at 24-25 miles - also known as right on track.

Well, as we all know, plans can change sometimes. In fact, plans can often change a lot. Last night was no exception.

So J had talked to me as I was leaving the office in the evening, saying he would be home around 5:45 or 6 and we could go run. I figured I would grill the chicken and dice it up so there would be one less thing to do afterward. So I grilled and then cooked up the rice while I got ready to go out for our run. I was wearing the most ridiculous outfit on the planet, I would venture to guess. From the bottom up.
Hot Pink (and black) Newtons
Blue compression socks (knee high)
purple moving comfort shorts
purple moving comfort bra
light blue brooks tank
I think Jason was embarrassed, but I felt really good. The only thing that might have made the outfit even better was if I put my arm warmers on...  I am thinking about a repeat for Saturdays race + arm warmers. It would be epic. Especially because we are meeting some other people downtown after the race and we will not be changing.

Anyway, that is besides the point. It was getting later (after 6) and J was still not home. My chicken and rice were both cooked and sitting in the fridge waiting. Eventually he text me. He said something had come up, so I should just go ahead. Since I was ready, I immediately headed out the door with plans to run 4 miles. I have not synced my watch from last night yet, so I am not sure on splits and stuff, but suffice to say that average pace was under 9 minute miles.

When I got home I let the dogs out and sat outside with them. J got home as we were outside. He asked if I ran, and I said yes, and he mentioned that he had text me and said he was leaving in 5 minutes. (Yes, he had, but I was already out the door!) And I because I am nice, volunteered to go out again with him. So out the door I went. I ended up at 13.28 miles for the day, which is pretty good!

Has this ever happened to you?


  1. I've totally done this, and it always seems to involve social running with friends, run club, or the hubby. I mean, why not? :)


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