Week 15 in Review - The Bourbon Chase and 50 Miles!

So - first of all, I am sorry about the lack of posting over the last few days. I have been out of town running an absolutely EPIC relay. I will recap everything over the week, but for now, I want to recap my training for the week.

This week included two firsts. It was my first 50+ mile week since I started running, AND I ran my first relay. The Bourbon Chase.
If you ever want to do a different sort of a relay, I really recommend this one. It was completely different. :) That will make much more sense after I racap those 33 hours that were were running on the Bourbon Trail in KY. Was our time awesome and were we winners? Not even close. But we had an awesome time.

Here is a recap of the week.
And yes, I COMPLETELY slacked off on my strength training for the day. Completely. But with how the week went and all of the running that I had scheduled, I figured that it was for the best.

Tomorrow we shall start with the recap of the relay. We shall start here.
Yup. Jim Beam. That was where our adventure started.


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