Week 11 In Review

Clearly based on yesterday's entry, you know that the run did not go so well, and I was not the happiest camper that I could be. I am still not really all that happy about it, but moving on...  Trying to survive the last 7 weeks of training are going to be key. I have promised myself a break from running after this race. So in 7 weeks, I can rest.

So the mileage for the week was obviously about 8 miles under where I wanted it to be. Here is the week's worth of workouts:
So yeah, less miles than it quite a long time. Barely more than I got when we were in Mexico for a week.

I have come to terms with the fact that most of the trouble that I have been having with running this training cycle is simply mental. It is really all lack of motivation at this point and maybe burnout a little as well. So in 7 weeks, I can allow the running burnout to take over and I can focus myself on something new. Whatever that might be at the time. I have a few ideas right now, but I would say it is largely dependent on a few other things in my life that are TBD as of now.

I am trying to start over next week with my running. Trying to take a deep breath and move forward. I know that I just need to find a way over this mental hump, and then I can finish strong. I can succeed with the 26.2 miles, I can get through the next 7 weeks of running. I do love running, and that is what I need to remember.

Anyone out there have any tips for the mental motivation to get through this?


  1. Wow. This really rings true with me. I am telling myself just make it to that marathon.
    Then I am giving myself time off to heal.
    Good luck girl. We will both make it!

    1. We will, I think. I just hate having bad workout after bad workout and not feeling like I am capable of doing what I am supposed to do to get to the race. Maybe I should just give up on the speedwork and stuff and just focus on getting there? Or stop the super structured workouts and just do my own but get the mileage at the same place?


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