Trip to Cleveland

We had a blast at the Indians v. Tigers game yesterday. The Tigers won as well, which was awesome. The White Sox won as well, which was not fun, but at least we got the Tigers win!

We had an absolute blast with Megan and Pete in Cleveland though. We all drank too much and stuff, which I guess is maybe to be expected! J and I arrived in Cleveland just before noon, which was perfect. We went up to our room and got settled in. We then headed back down to the bar that was in the lobby. It was called Amp 150 and they had 100 beers! We had a great lunch and J had a few beverages before Megan and Pete got there.

When they arrived, we immediately got in a car and headed downtown. We stopped in a little sports bar called Harry Buffalo to have a beer (and this was beer 1 for Meg, Pete, and I) and finish watching the Buckeyes game. It was exciting and everyone seemed to be interested in that game!

After the baseball game we went and hit up House of Blues for dinner. More beers were drank, dinner was eaten. We had a good fun time. Al (our driver) came back to pick us up and we decided to stay at the hotel bar for the rest of the evening. The one bartender at the bar is a magician and I think it really freaked Megan out.

I ran 20 miles today. I will go into more detail tomorrow!


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