No Watch Thursday

I am way too self conscious for my own good. When people are whispering as I walk by them, I automatically assume that they are talking about me. Most likely (ok, absolutely) that is ridiculous, but I cannot help it sometimes. I think it is leftover self consciousness resulting from my final public accounting experience before I found a home here at my current job. Because it is likely that those folks WERE talking about me behind closed doors or in whispered tones sometimes. And I was clueless until the day I was let go.

But that is neither here nor there, it is just something that I noticed about myself today as I walked by a hushed conversation to fill my coffee.  Just something that I was feeling, I guess.

Last night I hammered out one of my bootcamp workouts for the week. It is hard to believe we are halfway through week 7 of Tina's Best Body Bootcamp, but we are. One more week and then it is over, and I am feeling sad about it. I can't wait to do her next session when I won't be training for a marathon and I can really focus on using heavy weights and getting stronger. So I will DEFINITELY be signing up for Round 3!
Anyone else in?

Today was another day of easy maintenance running where I did my best to ignore my watch. It is hard to ignore your watch as a general rule, however, I do find it to be easier when I am running in pitch black. I just don't light it up. I might glance at it as I am running underneath a street light, but that is enough to give me a quick glimpse only. So I either see how far I have gone, or my pace. No time to stare at the watch. Here's the workout:
(PS - it is WAY more fun to show your regular runs in pictures like this than in simple spreadsheets or in pictures of your garmin - trust me. Plus, now that I am using chrome as my regular internet browser, picmonkey is super accessible!)

It felt pretty good this morning. It was not quite as humid (finally!) so running felt a little more comfortable, and as you can see, I managed to increase my pace by a full minute per mile between the first mile and the 4th! (and the extra 0.08 was just to get me to my street, that is my thing when I am running). I am feeling as ready as I can be for my 19 miler that is coming up on Saturday. I am nervous because the last few long runs have been so tough for me. But I set myself a few new goals for this Saturday. The biggest one is KEEP RUNNING. If I start to feel tired or sore or whatever, just slow down, that it better than needing to stop and walk or just plain stop, right? So I will be putting that into action.

Tonight is the Bearcats season opener. They are playing Pittsburgh and J and I will be in attendance! I am excited for it, since it has been a year since I went to a football game. We are going with our friends Tim & Kathy. They are the friends we always get together with where the Cats are concerned. We went to New Orleans with them for the Sugar Bowl, and we saw a game with them last year as well.

So here is something interesting about me. Things that are unexpected make me emotional. If I am at a live sporting event the National Anthem makes me tear up. I also tear up (live event or not) at the video that they play before games in some cases.

The above video is a great example of this. Heck, I watched this video on youtube just now and teared up! I have no clue why!

Here is the exact video from last year.

When we were at the game with our friends, I teared up during this. And all night everyone was asking me what was wrong and I was so embarrassed. I just kept saying "nothing, nothing."

Anyone else out there have this problem?


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