No time for Writing!

TGIF! And seriously! This has felt like a really long week with everything going on! We have had a new partner in the office for a few days, which has made things complicated and we have the new guy on our team who will be housed in NY here for a few days. It makes for a hectic couple of days, to say the least.

And today is no better. I have been in meeting after meeting all day long, it feels like, and we had a lunch out with our new team head (we hired a CFO). We had a great time though, and turns out he is way more fun AWAY from the office than he is in it. But for some reason whenever we eat certain things at lunchtime (we went to a burger joint called Sammy's today) I feel really weird all afternoon. Now, after Sammy's, I feel kind of light headed/airy. Almost like I have had several beers (I have not!) so it is weird.This happened one other time, the day when Nick (the Olympian) was in the office.


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