Negativity, Cuteness, and the BUCKS!

So today's run - was not so great. I did not complete it. I ran, but I only got 7 miles done. I had 7 miles with negative splits (trying to see the bright side of all of this!) but I just did so much less than I wanted to. I am truly feeling down in the dumps and very crappy about my DNF today.

I am trying to convince myself that I am a capable runner. I am trying to maintain the fact that I am a marathoner. I am trying to remember that I can do this. I know that I can do this. I am really ready to start working hard. I want to, that is. I want to remember how much I enjoyed finishing the Flying Pig in May. I know that I am lacking motivation for sure.

My training partner is MUCH faster than me, and today proves it. She did the 15 miles that we were supposed to do in 8:39 avg. Heck, she did the last mile in under 8! I am always proud to get the last one at under 9. That is definitely discouraging to me. I am very tempted sometimes to try and ease back into the half marathon. Especially since J and some other friends will be running that. But I am already signed up for the full. I have been training for the full now for 11 weeks. I want to do it. I want to PR. Hell, I want to run a sub-4 marathon and I am working toward it.

More about running tomorrow in the rundown of the week. I am kind of feeling upset and not really wanting to talk about it any more. Especially after Karen's @$$ whooping run this morning.

College football is officially starting in my house today. J and I have the Buckeye game on the television right now. They are playing Miami of Ohio, which typically would not be an issue of a game at all. Unfortunately, so far, they are down three points. It is going to be a rough day here in my household if the Buckeyes lose this one. We have spent the last year getting excited for Urban Meyer to be here, and now...

Ok, ok, change...  BEST.CATCH.EVER just happened. Seriously. I have never seen anyone catch a football like that. So now that the "Urban Meyer era has officially begun" (quoted from the Big 10 Network announcer) here is something extra cute.
Yes, this happened last night. My two snuggle-pies were actually snuggling together! Long enough for a picture. That did not last too much longer after this picture, but I am going to treasure it because it was darling and they were big sweeties.

So - to finish this - GO BUCKS!


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