Just a Casual Sunday

Well, we had a fun weekend. A relaxing one despite running the furthest I have run since the Flying Pig. I had a whole lot of nothing to accomplish after the long run. I mean, I got my blogging in, which was important as well, but nothing terribly pressing.

J was at the Buckeyes game for the majority of the day on Saturday. He got home around 5 pm and turned on college football and fell asleep on the couch. We had plans to head out for dinner, but not until around 7 pm, so we would get the evening college games, as well as the reds game on TV. So I let him sleep for a while when he got home. He did tell me that he drank 4 (!!!) 16 oz beers within an hour, so he was having a mid-afternoon hangover. Now while I think that is absolutely unnecessary and ridiculous, I kept my mouth shut. I have no idea, after all.

We went to our usual favorite place for dinner, the Tap House Grill, and I was looking forward to not thinking twice about eating or drinking beer because of that 18 miler in the morning. I struggle with food for the majority of the day after a long run, so I hadn't eaten too much, and I knew that I was going to need some food.  So when we got there, we settled in at the bar. One of our favorite bartenders, Chelsea, was working, so she came over, said hi, and brought us the beer list. I spotted something almost right away that I knew had to be mine!
Check the first thing off of the fall bucket list! A new to me pumpkin brew by Rivertown Brewing Co, one of my favorite Cincinnati brews! It was excellent.

I honestly do not remember what J and I were talking about when we headed home from the bar, but it somehow culminated in this.
"You Shall Not Pass!" He actually shouted this as he hit that stick against the ground. That came out of a tree of ours during a bad thunderstorm earlier in the summer. And because it was so gigantic, J decided it was awesome, so we have not broken it down and put it out with other lawn waste yet. It cracked me up. Please note the Buckeyes shirt. He obviously had to show support for his team!

On Sunday morning, J got up to do his long run for the weekend, while I got ready for the day, cooked breakfast, etc. He did not get his done on Saturday when I did mine because of the game and tailgating. So I think he was a little grouchy about doing it. I am not sure why he is doing this if he really doesn't want to, but I suppose I also have zero room to talk with all of the complaining I have done about Columbus over the last month! Regardless, he got out there and hammered through 6.8 miles in 1:21-ish. I flipped through his splits and he definitely was walking more as the run went on because his times were getting slower as time went on.  But I am proud of him regardless. He is doing awesome.

While he ran, I found something on TV to enjoy.

Ahhhh!!!  The Sound of Music was on TV! That is my favorite favorite favorite ever!  The bottom photo is from my favorite scene in the movie, when they decide that they are in love with each other. It makes me happy just to look at it. I don't think the song they sing is in the stage version of the show. If I remember correctly, it was written for Julie Andrews (my hero!) and therefore only performed in the movie version.

After that, it was time for football! Because it was the first game of the season, I got all done up in my Chiefs gear to make the hubs happy.
Please excuse the ridic bangs, my hair was still shower wet! Too bad the Chiefs lost though. That made me feel pretty sad. I wish they would have a great season, one of these years...


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