Hudy 14K Race Report

Today's long run was 14-15 miles. I definitely succeeded. I got up in the morning, ran 6 miles, and then headed downtown to hammer out the rest. J and I ran in a 14K then. It was J's longest distance ever. We both finished successfully.

So the race started downtown at the Morlein Lagerhouse. It was a brewery run (touring through downtown Cincinnati past a lot of the old breweries). We ran it last year as well and I did the 14K and J did the 7K. He ended up doing more like a 9K last year though, we think, because they forgot to put out the sign for the turn around for the 7K last year (it has kind of been a running joke for a year now).

I started the race with J. We ran the first two miles together. After that, he needed to slow down and walk a little bit. So I decided that I should work hard to have a decent training run, so I kicked it up! My pace spent some time picking up significantly after that.

This race was the one last fall that I spent a lot of time trying to convince myself that my foot was fine so I could run it. And right after that I went to the doctor and wound up in the boot.

So this race went much better than that. But since I got to start with J, I started off easy. Here are my splits:
Mile 1 - 9:57
Mile 2 - 9:55
Mile 3 - 8:48
Mile 4 - 9:02
Mile 5 - 9:04
Mile 6 - 8:39
Mile 7 - 8:38
Mile 8 - 8:16
Mile 0.81 - 6:15

Full Recap of the week's training tomorrow!


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