Experimenting with my Running

As the motivation and the mental game has been a major drag recently, I am trying to experiment a little to figure out what will work for me and what won't. I have less than 7 weeks until the marathon, and while I know I will finish, I want to finish successfully! I want to finish strong!

As a result I am putting some new plans into practice starting this week, in hopes that taking some of the pressure off of myself, I decided I am concerned with mileage first and foremost. Speedwork and tempo runs will be worked into my workouts. At my discretion. Meaning, If I am tired and I just want to log miles, I will. If I want to do a tempo run (like I did Monday) I will.

So that tempo run...  It was completed to get some additional miles over what I had already done that morning. I had an unsuccessful track workout, and felt terrible about it (because I seem to enjoy dragging myself down lately) so I figured let's turn these extra miles into a tempo run.
I am super pleased with my pace for this run. I wanted to do the first three around 5K goal pace (it worked - I ran 3.1 miles in 24:49!) and then I could relax a little. Although I didn't slow down as much as maybe I should have, I felt like I had a great run.

J owed me a few massages based on some bets that we have made recently, and he paid up on one last night. Now this was not a typical massage in anyway. It involved me, face to pillow, while he hammered my calves and hammies with the stick. Oh my gosh, it hurt so good! I was screaming into the pillow on certain parts. But he said he could tell that things were beginning to loosen up as he rolled over and over. I suppose that is a good thing, despite the pain!

So today, since yesterday was 11 miles, and the majority of them tough, I just set out for 5 miles, very relaxed. It ended up being almost a recovery pace. But it also was negative splits/progressive, which I am pleased with considering how wiped out my legs were. So I have to consider that a win. Here are the splits:
Mile 1: 10.20 (!! I could not fall into stride at first. Things just felt awkward)
Mile 2: 9:54
Mile 3: 9:51
Mile 4: 9:37 (and there's my stride)
Mile 5: 9:11

So although the average pace was slower than my average pace has been, I am pleased with this run. Maybe these new ideas will help me out and I will get through the next 6.5 weeks unharmed.

Oh - and here's a nice pic of J and I that I had fun editing yesterday. It is from date night at the beach.


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