Errands Give Me Anxiety

I would call last night a huge errand running success. My evening was hectic and actually rather stressful. I had a lot of running around to do and it was not the best time of day to try and get it all in.

So we started off at 4:30 pm. I left the office to start getting my errands run. I had to stop and get gas first. This was an easy one as there is a gas station just a block from the office. And I saved 10 cents (because of Kroger Plus!) so I figured it was my best choice gas station. Especially with my fuel light already on.

After gas, I needed to go to Kroger. J asked me to pick up a cheese/cracker tray for him to take to work today. Kroger is about a mile and a half from the gas station. That is it. And traffic was terrible. I was not on the highway. I am not downtown or anything (where you would anticipate traffic being awful) but it was terrible. I finally got to the point where I could turn right into the parking lot. My Kroger is in a shared strip with a KMart and a few other smaller stores, with Kroger being the furthest. I am driving through the parking  lot and BAM! they are resurfacing it, and a whole section of parking lot is blocked off. Completely.

The only way to get around it and get to Kroger is to re-exit the lot and re-enter further down. So I got in the line with all of the other people like me who were tricked into thinking that they were almost to Kroger. Of course, there was a TON of traffic so it was not easy to exit the lot even though we were turning right. Eventually, I got out and made it to the next parking lot entrance. Kroger was packed (why wouldn't it be? *sigh*) and so I struggled a little to find a parking place.

When I got in inside I quickly found J's cheese platter, then hit the cracker aisle to purchase whichever crackers were the cheapest (ritz ftw). I got my doggie food that the pups needed and I was out of there within 10 minutes. Of course that meant that traffic was still crappy. And there was no way on earth that I was going to be able to turn left out of the lot to get home. Ok, right it is! Now I have never gone right, but I figured it could not be too tough, after all, I was only 2 miles (if that) from my house.

It worked out just fine because I eventually ended up home. I tend to stress out in situations like what happened there with the parking lot and stuff. Things like that are the things that cause major anxiety for me. I don't know what, but that is the sort of thing that does me in lately. It is a little like claustrophobia, but not, if that makes any sense.

I also did a little baking last night, which turned out awesome.
Pumpkin Snickerdoodles. Recipe adapted and modified from here. I am not dairy free, so I adjusted a little based on that!


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