Columbus Marathon: Week in Review

Wow, less than one month to go until the next marathon. I have this week coming up as my biggest peak, highest mileage, and then we can start to slow down for the race. (Granted, I still will have an 18 miler left, but it will be lower than this weekend's run!)

So here is the breakdown of my week:
Another week of over 40 miles. It has hard to believe that it was a step back week. In a step back week I ran over 40 miles. I realize that was repetitive, but seriously!

As I am sure that you can tell, I am not strength training as much as I used to, or as much as I would like to be. Especially training legs. I have really been struggling mentally with that as well. But every time I do train legs, I wind up kinda sore for a few days. So I have been sticking to a lot of body weight work. I have been doing a lot of pushups (and their variations) and planks and their variations. They are definitely tricky and difficult exercises, but they are keeping me strong throughout this marathon stuff.

After this is over, we shall see what happens as far as my training goes.


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