Columbus Marathon: Week In Review

Okay everyone. I have gotten through 13 weeks of marathon training. There are only 5 more weeks left, which is supremely difficult to believe. I am going to get through this marathon and I am going to achieve my goal for this. Even if it is my "C' goal, I am going to achieve it.
This was a tough week of running including my highest mileage ever and the first 20 mile run of this training cycle. But it is done now, so I feel like I can rest a little bit more easily now. I know that I am going to get through the race. I know that I am going to be successful. Yesterday's 20 miler was hell. It was super difficult. It was hot, sunny, I flew through my water, my legs were killing me, etc. But it is now done. And considering all of the things that I had working against me yesterday (8 hours in a car in 24 hours, drinking way too much on Saturday, running in the afternoon instead of the morning, etc), I have to consider this run a win!
This weekend long run is a step back, so only 14 miles on the weekend. 8 of them are going to be a race. J is running it too, which I am excited about.


  1. You are definitely going to get through the race, and you'll be great! Hang on for that awesome run through the stadium. Ah, jealous.


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