#BourbonChase2012 - It Starts Tomorrow!

So by this time tomorrow morning, I will be on my way to Louisville (specifically, to Jim Beam) to get started on our #BourbonChase2012 tour. We are doing the standard 12 man team, two vans, etc etc. Although, I am looking through the start times for various teams, I think we should consider a 6 man ultra team next year.  Although maybe I should wait and see if I enjoy this first or not, right? I tend to jump the gun a little (read: signing up for Columbus before my first 20 mile run during Pig training).

Anyway, tonight I will be heading home from work to get ready to go first thing tomorrow morning. I think I will be leaving my house around the same time that I usually leave for my run or the gym! So I guess it is good that I am semi-adjusted to that time. I am going to be parking at my SIL Angela's house.

By the way, let's talk about Angela for a second. Here she is one year ago, right around the time that I got married.
That is at my wedding shower in June 2011. And here she is now:
That is her in the center. Holy weight loss batman! She is an amazing woman. She is ALSO running the Columbus Marathon in just over 4 weeks! You know why? Because she is awesome.

But she lives about 2 miles from the place where we all decided to meet to go together to KY. Well, it is actually IN KY, but about an hour and a half from where the chase actually is. I admit, I am nervous about leaving my car in a mall parking lot for two nights, so I decided that I would much rather leave it at her house. So her husband (on the left, above) leaves for work at 5:30 every day. So I am going to go to her house, he will drive me to the Starbucks closest to our meeting location, and then I will head over to meet up with the team in a half hour.

I am ridiculously excited for this, but also nervous. I want to be prepared. I want to run at my required pace (9:30 miles) I want us to do GREAT as a team!


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