#Bearcats Game

Last night we went to the Bearcats game. And despite the opening video I managed to keep my cool and not tear up. However, the couple we were with (not to mention my husband) remembered me tearing up last year and would not let it alone! Any time we made a big play or scored, J or Tim would lean over "are you ok? You're not getting emotional, are you?"  Grr...

Ahhh....  Nippert Stadium.  BEFORE the game.

Last night they had a blackout. Apparently in all of my looking at their facebook page, I did not realize that last night was a blackout game and I wore red. Luckily, I had a hoodie with me that was black (just in case it got chilly) so I wore that but had to push the sleeves up (it was so hot). But J stuck out like a sore thumb in our section in his red shirt and hat.

We played Pittsburgh, our Big East Rival, for potentially the last time (Pitt is moving to the ACC after this season) and it was a great game. UC blew it up walking away with a 34-10 win. It was really fun, and I am hoping to see a few more games in person this season. Despite it being J's alma mater, he is always hesitant to go to games because it might interfere with him watching his precious Buckeyes. Sigh. So I might try and hit up homecoming when he is out of town (playing golf!)

We did not get home until around 1130, and then stayed up to watch the final few plays, so we didn't turn the television off until midnight. That meant I did not get up for a workout today. It simply was NOT happening after being up so late! I am a little sad that I am taking this rest day because Friday is usually the day that I make it to the gym and get in a solid bit of strength training which always makes me feel great. I mean, you all know how much I love to strength train. But I will pull out a bootcamp workout tonight when I get home potentially. :) At least then I can be a little active.

This morning I had my annual review, although it was a little late. I had a successful year, improving on everything that I started out with at my review a year ago. I earned my merit increase as well, which is much higher than average for most companies right now, but it is low for us as a company, as we have been spoiled as a company. But we are making strides around here all the time, so I am pleased with my review, pleased with my raise, and pleased with all of the feedback and discussion that was had this morning.


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