An Unusual (but necessary!) Meeting

So last night was a different sort of evening for J and I. We had a downtown appointment. Now that we no longer have tickets to the theater (chose not to renew them this year), I never am downtown during the week unless we are going to a baseball game or something.

I arrived at Macys Corporate downtown about 10 minutes before J would be there. We were not doing anything fun at Macys, that just happened to be where the meeting was, and I was greeted by this site outside of the building.
I found the downtown Crossfit box. I immediately regretted the fact that I was dressed nice for our appointment and not in my workout clothes. Granted, I had no idea when class times were or anything, but I still wanted to go over there and get some information and stuff!

So our appointment...  J and I met with a lawyer. This was our first meeting with him or any lawyer and we were going to start chatting about our estate planning/wills/etc. It is definitely a strange thing to think about. I mean, the death of you and your husband. Planning for kids that you don't have yet. Worrying about who is going to take care of your dogs when you die.
"Doesn't anyone want me? Look how cute and sweet I am!"

We decided that we are going to go ahead and write things up including children, that way when (god willing) we have them, we will not necessarily need to make adjustments right away. We are going to form a "living trust" to hold all of our assets. That will help our relatives avoid probate when we are deceased. It seems to be fairly straightforward to get handled, and obviously our lawyer takes care of all of the tough parts.

Have you started figuring out what will happen to your stuff in the event of death?


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