A Tale of Speed and Poop

Well, let's say my week has already started out in an interesting and hectic fashion.

Yesterday, as is normal on Sundays, we watched football for the majority of the day. I worked on my computer and blog, J worked, I did the laundry, etc. Normal Sunday activities were all that was done. During the 3rd quarter of the Chiefs game (which they WON!) J decided to distract the dogs by giving them some filled bones that we had purchased for them as a special treat. As expected, they LOVED them. They are the super hard ones, but then they had cheese or peanut butter flavored filling. The dogs rarely get treats like that, and they enjoyed them!

At about 4 am J got up to use the restroom. Zeus had been crying in his crate most of the night, and I smelled something wicked. I told J to watch his step because I smelled something and I was right. Teek used the bathroom on our floor. When J was in the bathroom, I cleaned it up and then I got ready to go for my run. Zeus was still crying though, so I figured he might also not be feeling well, so I should let him out. I took both of the dogs outside and they used the bathroom. We came back in and I took them up to J, and told him I was going to stay home since they were not feeling well. He said to let Zeus stay out and play and I should go get my run in, so I did!

I had a track workout on the schedule today, so I had 400 repeats. Here is how the run went:
2 mile warm up: 18:13
6x 400m (with a 400 recovery) - 3 miles:
Mile 1 - 7:58
Mile 2 - 7:52
Mile 3 - 7:41
1.16 mile cooldown: 9:07

6 miles done in 50:52, for an 8:15 average/mile. I would say that run was CRUSHED.

When I got back to my house I saw that there were several more lights on than I left on. J and the dogs were in the living room (awesome start, right....) Apparently they were both still a little sick (the runs) and then Teek decided that she needed to help her little brother clean up so he would not get yelled at for pooping in the house, so she ate it. And then got sick. So J and I spent the remaining hours before leaving for work cleaning up after our little furbabies.

They seem to be ok now, and it seems to be all out of their systems (and this was way better than the M&M situation - which I was just looking back through the blog to see if I talked about it, which I didn't! It was the night before my last 20 miler before the Pig. Teek ate 2 cups (!!!) of M&Ms and had to stay in the puppy hospital) and they are back to normal!

Has a sick dog or kid ever made you run faster?


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