A New Week and Fresh Start

Well, Karen has offered me a suggestion to help with my running motivation. I suppose that makes her a great training partner, right? Well, I already knew that one.

So by the suggestion of the all-star training partner who would wail on a 4 hour marathon if she was not training with me, I will no longer be running with my watch on my maintenance runs, only on tempo and track workouts. That way I do not feel any pressure on those. I can just map something out before hand to make sure that I am getting the correct distance in, and then just try and relax and run. If I have fewer must meet goal runs, then maybe I can just enjoy my maintenance runs and feel better about all of the training. That is a good thought, right?

So the original plan for the day was a track run. However, that rain that we were supposed to get all weekend finally came in late last night. So I decided to switch up Mondays run and Tuesdays, and just did 4 miles on the treadmill. It felt tough, and I definitely sweat up a storm, but I did it, all of it, and completed it with fairly relaxed negative splits. Here is the run!
I am disappointed that the treadmill was the way I had to go today. That does suck, but at least I hammered through the run and added a few starter miles to the week. They were nice and easy miles and they did not feel too bad. It was nice and sweaty on the treadmill and a little dizzy once it was over, but I got through them. And honestly, my legs felt pretty good throughout the run. I am taking that as a good sign and that I had an enjoyable run.

So tomorrow I will head to the track and try to get a great track workout in. That is my goal for sure. I have 10-11 miles on the docket, but 4 of them are warm up and cool down miles. So I am looking forward to hammering out a solid workout, because I know that I can.

The rest of my day will be spent on the couch with the hubs. We have had a couple of nice days this weekend, and I am planning on continuing to enjoy it. We have started to watch a new show that we had been planning to enjoy for quite a while now, but we never got into it before now...
Have you watched this yet? We are currently watching the 4th episode of the first season. I am loving it. I have the books on the bookshelf and admittedly have not gotten to them yet, but now that I am watching the show I will definitely have to move the books up on my "to-read" list. I met George RR Martin a few years back. He was in town at a local bookstore doing a signing and so I bought some of his books and he even signed them. So now that I am finally feeling into them, it feels pretty exciting!

Definitely am recommending this show everyone, so seriously, WATCH IT!


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