A Much Needed Day Off Work

Yesterday was such a great day. I had scheduled the whole day off, which was awesome. I am only allowed to carry over one week of time off, and I was fighting to get enough days, so I figured I would schedule one and make plans with some friends. And by friends, I simply mean Karen. I love that girl and am so glad that Steph introduced us!

So I got up with my dogs yesterday around 6 am. I was not worried about getting up super early and squeezing in my run because I knew that Karen was doing hers later and we were planning on meeting around 11 am. After taking the dogs out and feeding them, we went back to bed. When I got in bed with Zeus, J asked if I was going to take a shower. I told him no since I hadn't run yet, and I wasn't going to work anyway. So J got up and got ready for the day, grumbling all throughout. I did get up and put on my running stuff when J was leaving.

We ended up walking out the door together and I headed out for a run. I was tired and sore from Sunday afternoon's long one, but I still wanted to get a bit more time on my feet. So I decided on 4 miles at a maintenance pace. I ended up hammering through 4 miles at a 9:22 average pace, which was better than expected. It started out slow, but I pushed myself to get my legs warm and moving, and it paid off!

I left my house around 10:30 to get to Karen's at just after 11. We hung out and chatted with her sister who was over there for a few minutes before packing up Bradley and getting in the car. The outlet mall that we wanted to go to was only 20 minutes from her house. So we hit the road. We decided to stop at Chipotle and eat lunch first since it was already 11:30 and we were hungry! Plus that would help with timing because Karen could feed Bradley and then he would likely go to sleep in the stroller while we shopped. So Bradley spent the time at lunch flirting with me... grinning at me and laughing little baby laughs. But then when I went to take a picture of him...
Nothing... He looks bored to be with me. How lame! (still, what a cute kid, and a great bib!)

We hit the outlets for QUITE A BIT of shopping (I blew my "gifts" budget for the month...  but it was a start on Christmas shopping!) and I got the things that I decided I needed (jeans. I was down to one pair and wearing them every single day). I got my sister's gift, started on J, and got one brother completed. I consider that a success.

Now I am back in the office and wishing I was with Karen and Bradley (or heck, J and my pups!) again.

And here is one picture from Cleveland.
Like the J photo-bomb? Also, those beer cans are textured to feel like footballs!


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