A Long Run Spoiled

No long run today. I will be doing it tomorrow. Right now I am in my car just south of Columbus OH (the site where I should be rocking my goal in just 5 weeks!) J and I are headed up to Cleveland for a baseball game tonight. The Tigers are playing the Indians, and we got these tickets at an auction at the beginning of August. I have been looking forward to this ever since! I definitely wish Cleveland was not quite so far, but what are you going to about it? We go because it will be fun!

So we'll be back home tomorrow and I have to head out and run my 20 miles all by myself. That is not going to be super awesome, but I have a plan. I am going to go to the bike trail for an out and back. That way I will be 10 miles out and I will have to get back to my car somehow! I figure that way it will get done in one way, shape or form!

Karen is out doing 20 with the group. I hope she texts me when she is done to let me know how it went! I really hope we crush our goals in Columbus.

Breakfast today was a granola bar and a pumpkin spice latte (skim milk, no whip). Not my typical breakfast, but a pretty delicious on the go one. We brought the granola from home and hit starbucks on our way out. J is drinking one of those "refreshers" - the berry one. Those are pretty yummy!

Have a lovely day and wish me luck on the big 20 tomorrow (and the Tigers luck tonight - we're hoping for a playoff berth!)


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