7 Miles x 2

Good morning, blog peeps! I am feeling extra cheerful this morning, although I am not entirely sure why. I guess I will take it though, since it does not happen that often.

When I got home last night, I wanted to get out and get my run in right away. I knew J wanted to run as well last night, but I made the conscious decision to go alone before he got home. I had 7 miles "easy" on the schedule. I decided that yesterday, easy to me meant comfortable. No set paces, no pushing for negative splits, etc, just run.
So there is the result. And as you can see, the Newton's joined me for this 7 mile run! I am really starting to love those shoes a lot. I haven't had them on for more than 8 miles in one day (last week's back to back 4 mile runs), and I don't plan on going up to double digits with them, but we'll see. The more that I wear them, the more that I am enjoying them. Here are the splits:
So this entire run was below marathon goal pace! I am quite pleased with that, because I was doing really well, and probably could have kept going a little bit. I suppose these are the perks of running after eating, rather than fasted first thing in the morning, like I usually do.

This morning, I had to do another 7 miles at easy pace. I knew that I would be slower on this one than I was yesterday. My legs were a bit tired today, at least moreso than yesterday, and going slower would not be a big deal since it was supposed to be an easy day. I ran the exact same route today as yesterday.
This run was slower, about 25 seconds per mile slower, on average. However, it was still a 9:15 pace. So nothing to sneeze at, at least for me!

This weekend is the Bourbon Chase, and that is how i will be getting my long run miles. I cannot wait! Any advice for a first time overnight relay-er?


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