Travel + Rest Day

Last night after work I cooked a new recipe.  It was another one that I found on the Paleo Plan website.  I dreamed up the sides myself (meaning, I cooked what I normally might) but I used their recipe for the chicken.  I had to cook it on the Foreman grill though for two reasons (we were getting a big storm and we ran out of propane!) and I was nervous about how that would go.

I cooked bacon wrapped rosemary chicken.  This is exactly what it sounds like.  I took a sprig of fresh rosemary, set it on top of the chicken breast, and wrapped a piece (ok, two pieces!) of bacon around it to hold it in place and put on the foreman.  The reason I was nervous was because they were pretty large pieces of chicken, and with bacon wrapped around them, how was the cooking going to go?  Was the bacon going to get scorched and leave my chicken raw in the middle?  Turns out, no, it cooked just fine.  I served us some sweet potatoes (roasted) and green beans on the side.  It was a delicious dinner.

Jason and I made a few travel accomplishments last night as well. 

We booked our flight to Las Vegas (hotel was booked a while ago) for our annual trip and so I can run this race:
I am pretty much looking forward to it.  Especially because I do not really plan on training for it, I just plan on running.  No PRs necessary.

We also booked our hotel in Cleveland to go and see the Tigers play the Indians on September 15!  Those are the tickets that we got from the auction that we went to last weekend.  So far, my cousin and her husband are coming with us, and we have invited Stephanie and Dave.  If they come (I hope they come!) that will cover our 6 tickets that we have (and Jamie and Nic have the other 6).  It was a tricky process because everything downtown was already booked!  We cannot figure out what is going on in Cleveland (no concerts, no football, nothing!) other than this game.  And yes, Detroit is not terribly far from Cleveland, but would Tiger fans really book up ALL hotels?  Oh well.  We've got a room.

This morning when my alarm went off at 4:35 am I made the decision to turn it off.  I decided to stay in bed and keep sleeping.  It was not a run day, and let's be honest, after having tired legs for a week, I needed this.  It felt great to get that extra hour of sleep.  So today is going to be a cardio rest day.  When I get to Toledo tonight I plan on doing a few rounds of pushups, crunches, planks, air squats, etc just to get a little workout in.

Have a lovely Friday!


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