I ran some trails today. I have never run trails before. I know that I posted a map of the park and said I was sticking to the all-purpose trail, but when I got there, I changed my mind. I just felt the urge to run on them.

So I ran 11 miles, and 5 of them were on the all-purpose trail and 6 were on dirt and gravel. I had so much fun running like that. It was different and I was definitely slower, but it was so different and fun! So yes, the 11 were slow compared to what my original goal was, but I know from learning from other runners how much slower trail running is than road running. So I am taking a deep breath and taking it easier on myself.

11 miles in 1:46:30. I will write a full update on the week of training when I get home tomorrow, but long run success happened today, and it is very difficult to be upset about that, no matter how tough it was to get those miles when you actually were running them!

We went to a charity event with my dad last night. It was a wine and beer tasting set up through the greatest store in Toledo, the Anderson's! And there was a silent auction and a live auction. We split (with our friends that were with us) 12 tickets to the Tigers v. Indians game in Cleveland on September 15. So we split the 12 in half and decided we will see what friends we can get to join us for a short weekend in September. I am looking forward to it already!

We had fun at the event, and I think (and hope) that our friends did too!


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