The Lost Art of BALANCE

Yep. Balance. I am terrible at it, I am failing miserably. I know that I have always been an all-or-nothing sort of gal, but I have never felt so negatively about being so "all-in" to some sort of workout.

I am burnt out and bored of running today. Ha. Not sure if it is really just today or not, but I am realizing how much trouble I am having by not getting in the strength training that my body CRAVES. I have been happily participating in Tina's Bootcamp, but I have been doing LOTS of modifications to NOT do weighted lower body exercises. My legs are already sore from just bodyweight full squats and lunges. I am suffering from a mean case of DOMS resulting from from 15lb Romanian Deadlifts the other day.
(That is a really great how-to RDL video)

I am upset with myself because this bootcamp is something that I would normally throw myself into 100% (and then some).
Strength training is my thing. Following a strict plan gets my juices flowing. Seeing results strikes me as HUGE and I get results from strength training. Running, well, while it is a stress relief for me, I just don't get the same results.

I know that I said when the Pig was over I was going to work hard to re-find my balance. Yeah. Has not happened. I get up in the morning. I run. I come home from work, I might do some strength training in the living room. My bootcamp workout typically, using light or NO weights. That breaks my heart.

It is to the point where I am nearly ready to give up on my full marathon hopes and move into the half stage where I can go in feeling ready to go with much less running and much more enjoyment. But that would be a friend fail, I am afraid.

Any advice?


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