Taste is Tonight!

Long run is over over over. I am so grateful to be through another week of training (not to mention J's first week of training) but I will review the week overall tomorrow, as usual.

So last night was a pretty relaxed evening. Nothing special. J had to play golf in his league (which I feel like he has hardly done at all!) and then he came home and we just tossed a frozen pizza in the oven for a quick and easy dinner. It was pretty good and I followed it up with the turkey hill cookies-n-cream. It was a delicious dinner in reality.

I hit the hay pretty early, around 8:30 and watched an episode of Teen Mom in bed. Yes, I watch that show. It is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. I figured that would pretty much be resting, so I would be ready to go this morning, and at 6 am when my alarm went off, up I was! I took care of the pups and headed out to go to meet Karen at MCC, our usual starting point for our long runs.

We survived. I will talk more about the details when I write about my training week, but we made it. We covered our scheduled run and I am very proud of us.

I came home for another ice bath (the hubs picked me up a bag of ice while he was out running his errands) and it felt amazing. Now I am just hanging out with my dogs and waiting for our friends to come over (they are planning a little after 4!) We have Taste of Blue Ash in our neighborhood this weekend.
We should have a blast with Leah and Bryan eating yummy local food!


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