Silver, and Pinterest for the WIN!

Have you seen this article?  As an athlete who is not even close to Olympic caliber, I struggle to think I could possibly be upset with winning a silver.  However, that is most likely because I am not even close to Olympic caliber.  I suppose if I was McKayla Maroney, I would be pretty ticked off.  And I would probably even make that face on the podium.  And as a 16 year old, I would be a sore loser.  Right?

Moving on, I just found that to be really interesting, so I wanted to address it.  Plus some of the expressions in the photos are priceless.  Oh yeah, and the American's team cycling uniforms?  I think I would be embarrassed.

So when I was in Toledo I decided it was finally time to try a pinterest recipe.  It was storming out pretty badly, and I was at my mom's and wanted to try a recipe.  I browsed my pinterest board for something that we had all of the ingredients for, and I came up with this: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Shortbread. The link is to the website that my pin took me too, and I thought they turned out deliciously.  Sometimes I just wing it (even when baking) and I have been met with varying degrees of success with that.  Here is the android version photo of my cookies:
And it was taken with the phone, so please don't be too critial of my photo skills, its a terrible photo!

Yesterday was a weird day for my body.  Despite taking the day off COMPLETELY on Sunday (and then running 6 miles - speedwork Monday morning), my legs were just feeling beat to a pulp on Monday.  I got all compressioned up for most of the day.
Oh yeah.  Compression shorts and socks, and Emily loves red!  :)  It definitely felt great to have all of that stuff on, but my legs were still feeling tired and lead like this morning.  But I still got my rear out there for 4 miles.  I struggled to hold pace, but in the end, my pace looked pretty good.

Do you "believe" in compression gear?


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