Running: A Week In Review

Another week of training is in the books!  I am pretty pleased that I went through the week's workouts as prescribed this week.  It is not a first or anything, but it sort of feels like it. It was a tough week for my legs, much more so than my mind.  My legs were tired and heavy for a large part of the week as I wrote about while it was happening.  But here is the week's log:

Good week on the mileage front for sure.  That is the longest week I have had since the Flying Pig Marathon.  I logged 35 miles that week.  So I am definitely starting to see the upswing that comes with marathon training in mileage again. 

Saturdays run, I know that I talked about it a little that day after the run, but I need to say that it was a good one.  It felt good to run that far and feel ok doing it.  I did stop at stretch and eat some shot blocks at mile 7, refilled my water around mile 9 and that was it.  I figure that is ok, right?  I have gotten into the habit of stretching every few miles, and sometimes I regret that.  It is not something that I want to feel like I need when we are running in Columbus this fall, so I have been trying to make it be "further" into my runs.  So two weeks ago I stretched at 6, and this week I held off until 7. 

69 days until the Columbus Marathon!


  1. Are you still doing crossfit or did you put that on hold while marathon training?

  2. I went to a trial class (first class free!) but honestly cannot justify the cost to myself. Well, I can justify it to MYSELF, but not to my husband. :)


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