Queasies - or that's what I call them.

I have been feeling sort of weird for a couple of days now.  Not unmotivated in any way.  Just weird. I am still enjoying all of my runs, I am just feeling weird.  Yesterday I was really nauseous.  My legs have kind of been feeling like lead.  I am still enjoying my runs, they have just been tough. I guess that is a lot better than being unmotivated. 

Someone commented on my Daily Mile entry yesterday when I mentioned that the legs felt like lead, that this is my legs getting stronger.  And he is a Boston runner, local race winner, and is ranked locally (pretty awesome!) so I want to trust that he is correct.  Of course, I have no clue if he is or is not!  I just figure I will spend a half hour or so with the roller and the stick tonight and do some really heavy duty stretching to try and loosen everything up...  Fingers crossed as I have 7 tomorrow!

Last night because of all of this weirdness, I was in bed when J got home.  I just didn't want to move for a little while.  Of course, he was ready for dinner even though it was a little early.  Since I was feeling lazy, I left it up to him completely and let him do what he wanted. He toyed with the idea of grilling something. He mentioned going out.  And 10 minutes later we were in the car headed to BW3.  I ordered a beer - because that is what you do when you go there! - and I drank it very slowly.  That is not terribly normal for me, but I guess if that is what my stomach wanted, that is what I was going to do!  We ordered an appetizer (soft pretzels!) and as soon as I took a bite, my stomach started to feel better.  I was not short on food yesterday prior to dinner, but I guess my stomach just needed a little food to settle it down or something!

I am beginning to wonder if these things are related though.  Nausea, not feeling too hungry (forced myself to eat that pretzel and dinner yesterday!), lead legs...  I don't know what could be causing it.  When I am running I feel fine (my head, stomach, etc), my legs are just heavy.  Its after breakfast that my tummy usually starts to give me the queasies.

Today is a better day though, so wish me luck!


  1. I like the idea that legs feeling like lead means they are getting stronger...I have that issue sometimes too. Hope you feel better!


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