My Fitness: One Year Ago - A Reflection

It's another day. Another day when I got up and ran in the morning, keeping with the most days per week tradition.  I have now been running 4 days per week since January 1. It might have even been a few weeks before that, as I was trying to adjust my legs to the miles. That is hard to believe to me. How is it that running became my life so quickly?

A year ago I was on my "peak week" diet before the wedding.  I cheated on this miserably and pretty much all the time (ladies cannot live on chicken, egg whites, and asparagus alone!).  I was still working with Joe, my coach, and lifting 4 days per week. I was doing steady state cardio 4 times per week (this was typically 2 days of running with 2 days on the elliptical). I was doing HIIT on Wednesdays (also the only day that I did not lift). I never went to lunch with my coworkers because I was at the gym every day.

It was a completely different time, one that I am not sure if I miss a ton, or one that I am glad is gone. I am not sure where I would be right now in my fitness and routine if I had NOT gone through that time however. I am  not sure where J would be on his feelings about me competing, my running, or even just me in general, if we had not gone through that.

Now, I still rarely eat lunch with my coworkers, but not because I am at the gym, more because I have plans with a friend or I am trying to save a buck. I am running 5 days per week, doing a LOT of core exercise, doing some upper body work (but more like pushups and tricep dips versus all of the heavy weights that consumed me a year ago), and occasionally crosstraining on the elliptical or by walking (I need to do this at least once per week).  My current training could not be any more different than what I was doing last year.

I am not sure where I will go AFTER the Columbus Marathon, suffice to say I will not be training for any marathons for a while, as I will NEED a BREAK (the one that I skipped after the Flying Pig). I will keep running, because it seems to de-stress me, but I miss strength training so much! Any thoughts on achieving this balance when there is NOT a race on the books?


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