J Starts Training for Cbus

Yesterday J and I went out to run together after work. He is tentatively committed (as in, has not registered yet but is very seriously considering) to the the Columbus Half Marathon. I know I mentioned it last week, and my confusion surrounding it, but now he has gone out and found a training plan that he thinks will work for him, and yesterday was the first run.

He arrived home from work very shortly after me (I was upstairs changing out of my work clothes and into my running clothes when he got home). He changed into his running clothes and I fed the dogs and got the Garmin started. I know that he just wanted to get it done, so my plan was to take it really easy for him. I was going to guide pace (slower than 10 minute miles) and keep my mouth shut. I know that encouraging words might be discouraging to him, so I was just going to jog and ask him occasionally if he wanted to speed up or slow down.

Looking back, we potentially started too fast. He did not want to go too slow, as he felt like it would make him seem... weak, or something, but tomorrow on run #2, we are starting slower.
I am hoping that tomorrow we can go a little further than we did yesterday. I suppose that is a very good goal for beginning his plan. We have a long way to go though before he is ready for a half marathon. I truly hope he sticks to it though. Maybe he can do the Vegas one if Columbus becomes a stretch!

I asked him, what spurred this decision? He responded "so he can say he did it, and I will never bug him to do it again." Now, I have to be honest here, I have spent the last year of my life (which has been spent running, pretty much) trying my best to NOT bug him about it.

In non-running news, I had a failed recipe last night.
The best news is that it tastes slightly better today than it did last night! I guess that is a plus? Or maybe I just tried too many new things at once. Gluten free pasta, sauce made from avocado...  Maybe it was just all too much for one night! But, the good news... my vitamix handled that sauce blending like a champ. So I have to be pleased with that.

This morning's run was another 4 miler. Maintenace. I am feeling good this week. Ready for tempo Thursday!


  1. Good luck to your hubby on running! Would you still run the full at Columbus if he runs the half?


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