Home to Toledo (again) and the RUNPLAN

Up this morning, early as usual for my 3 mile run at maintenance pace.  That (going along with my sub-4 or bust marathon goal) is 9:28/mile.  Honestly, sometimes it is difficult to convince myself to go that slowly, but tomorrow is going to be a rough run (tempo Thursday!) so I had to really force myself to take it easy. 

Tomorrow I will be pushing it though doing 7 miles and 4 of them at a tempo pace (for me - around 8:30).  So with the long-ish mileage plus the faster than MGP miles, an easy run today was completely necessary.  Not to mention it was on the schedule!  After I got in from my run this morning I completed the workout of the day for Bootcamp.  Today we had a core circuit on the calendar, and it was a doozy once again.  I am definitely hoping for some great results from bootcamp + running!

I am at 13 miles this week.  I have 7 more tomorrow.  So 20 miles on weekdays. :-)  I know that is the max I did during the week during Pig training, so I am going to be pleased with myself, and move on from it and then work hard to hammer out my 10-11 miles when J and I are at home this weekend.  I have them scheduled for Saturday morning at Swan Creek Metropark which is basically in my dad's backyard.  I am not experienced in trails at all (yet) so I am going to stick to the "all-purpose trail" (brown on the map in the above link!) for now.

Karen and I are a little flustered because we sometimes feel like our running coaches are not thinking.  Well, one of them, the other is, but she is not in charge of our distance runs.  They are planning on tackling 16 miles on Saturday!  Let's be honest, they have not yet done 12 miles!  There was one weekend where they were supposed to, but it was hot and so they did 7.5 with walking (I did 8 that weekend with walking as well).  Karen and I are actually following a plan laid out by the Columbus Marathon people, and it is very well laid out. 

So yes, J and I are once again in Toledo this weekend (and next, in fact!) This weekend should be sort of a fun trip as we are going to a charity event for the Dental Center of NWO.  My dad is chairman of the board (no, he is not a dentist) and he needed to fill a table, so J and I bought two tickets for us, and two tickets for some of our friends.  We are looking forward to it.  It is a wine tasting with a silent auction, and J has never been to an event with an auction before, he says.

Have a wonderful evening!


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