Halfway Through

Hard to believe I have been through 9 weeks of marathon training and I have 9 more to go. Week 9 during Pig training was a little bit different than it was this time around. I suppose that means I am getting stronger? At least, I hope that is the case. That week, I ran a 30 mile week.

Here is the training for the week:
High mileage this week!  Higher than last week, which was my previous high that this training cycle. And this week last cycle, 30 miles was my highest week ever.

Karen and I met up on Friday evening for a little "crosstraining". And by that, I mean we had Bradley, her son, in a stroller and we just went for a walk. I truthfully don't know the exact distance (a little over 2 miles?) because I did not wear a garmin.

I hope this week to be a little bit more consistent with strength training since I do not have any 10 mile days. Crossing my fingers!


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