Friday and some Swimming.

Friday. I made it to the end of another week. Thank goodness. I mean, yes, we need to get through the workday still, but overall, I think I am there. Yes, I am completely nerdy for talking about simply "surviving" a day at work, but that is how I am feeling right now. It has been a long, hectic, and stressful week.

I am slowly making a little headway on something that I have been spending time on since March. I am starting to get the timing on it correct, which is helping me to figure out how to properly reconcile the numbers, etc. I know that anyone who reads my blog potentially wants to hear about my running, maybe my lifting or food, and maybe Zeus (because he is so darn cute!) but this is my "real life" and it is hugely important.

Making progress = positive thing.

Moving into what people really care about (ok, what I really care about as well), running. :)

Last night was J's second training run of his Columbus Half Marathon training. He is not registered yet, because he cannot get a deferral if he does register. He is taking this week (and potentially next week too) to kind of size himself up and see if he can do it. My opinion on the matter is, of course he can do it, anyone who wants to do it, can. BUT I think he wants to do it with some semblance of success. He wants to beat Chuck and Sara.

Last night we did the full two miles that his schedule called for with a few walk breaks. We probably went three miles all together, but we ran two.

And now for what is REALLY important...
This happened today.
 Oh yes. Silver medalist backstroker Nick Thoman. In my office. And Julie and I with him and the medals. And yes. I got the gold one. (from the medley relay). So exciting!

I tried really hard not to be ultra nerd, but then it became impossible. Completely starstruck am I.


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