Fall Marathoning - Here it comes!

Fall is in the air...  I know that it is going to be 90* today, but the SMELL in the air is starting to change. If you live in the midwest, have you noticed? Bars and groceries are starting to get their pumpkin beers in stock (my FAVORITE sign of fall!) and Kroger near me has an aisle that they are starting to have fall decor and candy corn (an unfortunate addiction of mine!). Fall is my absolute MOST favorite time of year.

But first, I need to get through the remainder of August. Not much left though!

Fall means stocking up on Libby's canned pumpkin, pumpkin beer, apples, my skinny legged Halloween decorations...
(my mom got me into these guys, they are made by folk artist Lori Mitchell)
Fall also means heavy duty marathon training for this girl. I will start getting into the 18-20 milers that crushed me last spring. I am beginning to finally feel ready for them though, and my legs are finally beginning to feel a little bit stronger and a little bit more like they are ready to handle it again. I have been spending excessive time with my stick and foam roller, and last night I spent probably 10 minutes just stretching out my glutes (they were KILLING me!)

It is starting to seem like everytime J and I are talking to new people, they are planning on Columbus too. His cousin Chris (a member of our wedding party) and his wife Danielle, our friends Chuck and Sara who we had dinner with last night... They are all planning on the half rather than the full, but still, it is giving me an extra push to be working hard toward this!

I switched things up today and ran at lunch. I haven't done that since I have officially been on a training plan. I was doing it more frequently when I was just kind of "winging" my weekday runs and doing long runs with the group on Saturdays. Now that Karen and I have an official plan, my runs have been much more structured and typically I have been doing them in the morning to avoid any heat issues. But I slept in today and was feeling brave. Now another 4 miles are checked off the schedule!


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