Fall Beers & Threshold Run

I spent a long time (probably 20 + minutes) working exclusively worth the stick.  Have you ever used this little torture device? 
Omg.  It hurts so good.  I spent a decent amount of time on my quads and IT bands because they were kind of where I was feeling the most drag during my last few runs.  I spent a little time on the shins and calves as well, but not as much. 

Before I had the Stick, I started using a rolling pin, right before the marathon when I was having knee/IT band issues.  It worked pretty well, but maybe not quite AS well because the rolling pin is wider and cannot dig in to smaller knots like this thing can?  At least, that is my thought. I have (and use) a foam roller as well, but I tend to use that more for my glutes and the stick more for the legs.

J and I had a friend, Bryan, over for dinner last night. We had hamburgers and chips with salsa and a little side salad for our meals.  Along with a few beverages.  J was glad to have someone over to drink the beer that is in our fridge that he doesn't like (someone gave him a Great Lakes variety pack, and he does not like all of the flavors.)
Dortmunder Gold.  J is NOT a fan.  But now we are out of it.  Hooray!

Speaking of beer - how is it possible that I have not discovered this before now?
Sam Adams makes a PUMPKIN beer?!?  I seriously have not seen this before now.  Well, before last weekend when J told me that he had seen it somewhere.  I love pumpkin beer.  I CRAVE pumpkin beer.  I drank my first one last night!

I got up for a threshold run this morning, first thing.  I woke up about an hour before I had to because a Charlie developed in my calve. That's the worst.  After that, getting back to sleep was tricky, so I actually got up and started getting dressed about 10 minutes before my alarm.  Turns out, that was fine since I had 7 miles on the agenda. 

The plan was 7 miles with 3 mile repeats at a threshold pace (according to the training plan I have been following while seeking out my sub-4 marathon, that is an 8:33 pace).  In between the repeats, I was to jog for one minute.  I got out there and did my warm up and my drills (some butt kicks, high knees, strides, etc) and then started to roll on my repeats.  The times for those three miles were as follows: 8:46, 8:33, 8:31.  So not as fast as I wanted, but not too bad either.  I finished the full 7 in 1:04.  So fairly equivalent to last week, I suppose!

Have a wonderful day!


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