Em Runs Yassos (and doesn't know how to work her Garmin)

I tend to have stressful and overwhelming days at work. Everyday. Anyone else have this problem? I guess in some ways it is a good problem to have. It has caused by the fact that I work for a small company that is growing extremely quickly, far more quickly than we can keep up. But catching problems that we have as a growing company is a good thing, right? I mean, on some days I just have more work than I can deal with on my own. But I guess it goes with the territory and it is far better than any of my previous jobs in my field of study!

Yesterday I did my speedwork on the track that I crapped out on on Monday. Despite going out on Monday night, I still felt MUCH better running fast on Tuesday than on Monday.

Karen and I had Yassos on the schedule. We were supposed to do 6 of them with a 2 minute jog in between. That worked out to be nearly a 400m jog (just under). We were supposed to keep our 800s at around a 3:53 pace (or 7:45-ish per mile) and I must say that yes it was tough, but I think I succeeded. Check out this pace graph from my garmin:
Pretty obvious where I was running, right? Lol. Looks like around 7:30-7:45 on the speedy sections, right? I know that my garmin has the ability to track laps, but I have not figured out how to do that yet. Soon though, I promise!

Tonight I have a dinner date with Karen while J is at his fantasy football draft. #winning


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