Dads are obnoxious and other tales

J and I are in Toledo for the second weekend in a row visiting family members.  He is off at a golf outing right now, one that did not tee off until noon.  There were 36 teams playing, so I have no idea how long it is actually going to be today.  Normally he does an outing in around 5-6 hours.  That is much longer than his normal round of 18, but they sometimes do not start in time, and not all of the players are great, so it tends to go much slower.

Once he is done with golf, I have to drive out there, pick him up, and attend the dinner that is after.  The dinner is not in the clubhouse of the course, it is somewhere else.  So that is kind of weird, but I promised I would do it since it is sort of a family event. I have no idea what time that will be, however.

I had to turn my dad down when he was texting me asking me to come to where he is however.  He is at Pride today.  And I do the best I can with the fact that I have a gay dad (one who is recently out), and that is not easy. I do better than some because of the extensive time spent in the theater as a kid and young adult, I think.  He is still my dad, so of course, I love him, etc, but that does not make this situation easy!  But I am at my mom's house.  She is not here. My dogs are here, and my Grandma who lives here is sick. The dogs make her a little nervous, so with my mom not here, I really need to be here with them so Grandma isn't so nervous!

Doesn't that make sense? But he keeps texting me, all whiney about how his friend left hanging with him to go hang with he ex, blah blah blah. Honestly, it is a little obnoxious. And childish.

But that is neither here nor there, I am doing what I need to do by taking care of my pups, being a good doggie mamma, etc. And that is what really matters.

This morning I got up and headed to the park. I ran at Wildwood, which is not the park I ran at last weekend, but is my favorite park to run at here in Toledo. I ran my first solo 13 miles there during Pig training. I ran 9 miles there the day my sister got married before I went to get my hair done. I ran 8 miles there last August the day before I got married which was my longest run EVER at the time.

Today I covered 12.5 miles in decent time, and I am pleased with that.


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