Columbus: Week 10 in Review

Well, we are down to less than two months to go until the Columbus Marathon! I am definitely starting to look forward to it. I am not sure what will be next after that, but suffice to say I am not training for any full marathons soon!

So this was my highest running mileage week in the history of running. There is only one week since I have started running that has higher mileage logged on DM, and that was one that I was out with a broken foot and was biking at the gym for 40 minutes per day! So it doesn't count.

The extra mileage came from the husbands start of half marathon training. He has found himself an 8 week plan (I think I mentioned this last week) and he is planning on doing 1 week twice since he actually had 9 weeks until the half. We went out together in the evenings twice last week to get his runs in. I would stop my garmin when he was ready for a walk break and start it up again when we would. He actually did his "long run" (4 miles) on his own on Saturday morning when I was with Karen doing 17! I am super proud of him!

I need to be better about cross training this week, even if it is just taking my pups for a walk in the evening. I haven't done anything to help my legs relax and adjust to longer miles, so I think I am going to attempt that this week. I have been keeping up with strength training (although certainly not to the intensity that I like!) but it is not them same as the good ole elliptical. So that will be a decent goal for week 11 of training!

I think J and I will be headed to the track together in the morning. So I will not necessarily add additional mileage this week by running with him. He can do his workout while I do mine on the same track. That way we are together, but not working out together. Does that make sense? It is a low mileage week for me, so I want to keep it that way and allow these legs their much needed rest!

Hope everyone else had a good training week too!


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