Columbus Confusion

Today is a day off from running. It was great. I am trying to learn to take these scheduled days off and not feel guilty about them, plus get in some other work because I do enjoy strength training (and miss it!) So today I hit the gym for some upper body and core work. I avoided squats and deadlifts like the plague as they just wear my legs out and we have another long run tomorrow.

Here was the workout I completed this morning:
I was tired WHILE doing it, but afterward (now) I am not really feeling it anymore. I guess I have some work to do on the strength front to get my workouts back to their old caliber!

So yesterday I get a text from the hubs that says "Do you want to run the Columbus Half?" I have to be honest, I was not (and am still not) sure how to react. I am having several thoughts on that. The biggest is obviously a little bit of shock, since running is not his thing and he very recently expressed the fact that he does not "get" marathons as he does not understand the point. However, I am registered to run the full and have been training with Karen for the full and he knows it. But if my husband wants to run a half marathon, I feel an obligation to him as well! 

What would you do if you were me in this case?  I mean, its a tough one because I am putting in a lot of time (not to mention, convinced Karen to upgrade to the full to run together!) training, but when its your spouse, who really isn't interested in something that you are passionate about, I should do it with him, right?

So confused!


  1. I would say that I'm already committed to doing the full with Karen, but I'd LOVE to do another race with you this fall.

  2. I think you should keep with your first goal, maybe do a different one with him? I bet he'll understand that, you've been working so hard for the full.


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