Back into it - Starting Week 10

Yesterday's post did NOT have to do with running! Are you shocked? I suppose I was a little bit. It seems to be my life a large portion of the time, so NOT writing about it is a bit of a change.

So how about I DO write about it today!? I was, as usual, right back on the horse on Monday, back to running. I managed to get LESS sleep on Sunday than normal because J got up very early for golf and when he left the dogs would not leave me alone. So on Monday morning, when I woke up due to an adjusting Teek/bedhog (how on earth can an 8 lb dog be a bedhog?), I switched my alarm from the regular 4:35 am to 5:45 am. I had been feeling incredibly nauseous when J and I went to bed on Sunday night and that had not gone away completely. I figured this was an all-around better choice.

I was still feeling a little sick when I got up just before 6, but packed my bag with my running clothes anyway. After all, it was my tummy that was bothering me, not my legs, these legs were feeling pretty great after Saturday morning's ice bath.

And I wasn't actually getting sick, just feeling it. So it might be worth the risk later on. Give the run a whirl.

At lunch, I got all dressed up in my running clothes planning on knocking out the tough part of my day's workout. Fartleks. I did 4 sets of 5 minutes on with 3 minutes of recovery. All of my "work" sets were at below 8 minute/mile pace, right where they were supposed to be. I am not sure the exact pace of my rest intervals, but I still was able to keep a decent pace throughout the run. I ended up going just over 4 miles in that time.

After work, I wanted to crank out the remaining miles on the schedule for the day. 3. They were supposed to be my warm up and cooldown, but I decided that since I have to break up runs occasionally I should push it harder. So I ran the last three at approximately 10K pace (~8:25). I felt pretty good throughout.

I knew I was going to be feeling more tired this morning though, after 7+ tough miles yesterday. So I was grateful to have 4 miles (9:28 - maintenance pace) on the schedule today. And that is exactly what I did. 9:28 pace.

How has your week of runs started off? High points? Low points?


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