A Tricky 15 - Accomplished

Karen can sprint up hills. That is one thing I have to say about this morning's long run. It was a rough one, and definitely the longest run that I have done since the Flying Pig. But somehow, after the first 11 miles, my body started to work again. We got stuck at a stop light, and I stretched the glutes and calves. After that, I really began to feel better.

Our overall goal was to finish faster than we started. And we accomplished that 100%, without a doubt. Here are our splits (yoinked from Karen - so if they don't add  up to the total, it is because the splits came from here and the total came off my watch):
She really really really pushed my at the end to get me to kick it up when I did not want to. My legs were tired, of course, and she starts running for home. I seriously considered dropping back. Big time. But then I just mad the decision that NO, I have gone too far today to really give up and let that last mile get away from me. So I followed her. So we kicked it up and headed into the park and kept going until our garmin's beeped at 15 miles.

It was hard, but I am happy, and I am so glad to have had a little bit left there at the end to push through that final mile.

On the way home, I stopped at the gas station, bought a cheap-o cup of coffee and a small bag of ice. I had in my head that I was going to take an ice bath using Sweaty Emily's techniques. I am grateful to her for that post, as long ago as it was. The bath definitely helped the legs. I took a hot shower after that, and now I am going to be spending time with the foam roller (I need to get that knot out of my rear end that made that 11th-12th mile miserable).

Tonight, dinner with my Pig running partner, Jes!


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