A Lonely Weekend and the Z-Man!

In one week, I will have been married for one year. Shocking right? It just does not feel like it was that long ago. I won't be doing a lil recap today, but I just had the thought cross my mind ... how close it is to being here...

This past weekend, BESIDES an ice bath and a long run, was a tough weekend. J had some friends in town from Toledo, and he played a lot of golf. He played 72 holes this weekend with Jamie and Tim (and Tim's friend Duck who lives here and therefore did not stay at our house). I hardly even saw him! Saturday they played 36 while I ran and then relaxed.

I went out with Jes in the evening and while they were home when I got there, they were playing Cornhole in the driveway and J grabbed the dogs, handed them to me and sent me inside to bed. And I did want to go to bed, that is for sure, but I feel like I missed him over the weekend.

On Sunday J played another 18 holes of golf. He came home after that and we headed over to Sharon Woods for my company picnic. They had some lawn games, food and cake, and just a nice time for me, my coworkers, and our families.

The above picture is of Buckeye Falls at Sharon Woods. It is such a pretty place. When I was there, I started thinking that it might be a good idea to purchase a park pass for the year. Sharon Woods is not very far from our house, and they have some pretty nice running trails! But at the same time, it is August, so how much use would it get for the remainder of the year? It is something to think about though for sure.

Zeus and I had a little photoshoot because he's my punkin.

He's showing you where his treats are kept (in the cabinet behind him). He wanted one, but MEAN MOMMY said no. :) I love him. Teek has no interest in hanging out with us and getting her picture taken. Lame puppy.


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