A 10 Mile Weekday

So yesterday we had 10 miles on the schedule.  10! On a weekday! In case you don't follow me on daily mile, or you did not make the connection when I write this blog, but I run in the morning, before work. Most days I get up at 4:35 and get out for my run or hit the gym. 10 miles just was NOT going to happen before work and stay on the same schedule that I have adjusted my dogs and husband to.  (A happy husband = a wife who can get out and enjoy her long runs without her husband being upset!)

Here is how our schedule works: Em wakes up at 4:35, uses restroom, gets dressed in workout clothes. Em and Teek go downstairs and Em gets watch ready (if running) and shoes on. Em is out the door by 4:45. Em runs (or works out) usually between 4-7 miles (with the occasional 3 miler thrown in when the schedule calls for it!) and is back around 5:40.  The next 10 minutes is spent uploading my run from the garmin to daily mile.  At 5:50, Teek and I head upstairs to wake up Zeus and we go outside.  Then around 6 I start to get ready for the day, shower, dress, feed dogs, make breakfast, make J's breakfast, watch the news while eating breakfast.  Its a good system, I don't feel rushed, and I don't really want to change it.

Which is why I had to come up with an alternate plan for yesterday's 10 miler. Because I will be running in my first relay (and I have been assigned the longest and most difficult legs) I decided to split the run into two 5-milers.

So first thing in the morning yesterday I went out for 5-miler number one of the day.  It was tough, and my legs were still feeling a little fatigued from the 12.5 over the weekend, plus potentially sitting in the car for 3 hours on Sunday morning.  I got through the 5 with around a 9:30 pace. It was supposed to be a big speed workout, but either way, I am trying to be happy about it. I have been working hard, and that is all there is to it!

When I got to work yesterday, I was greeted by this in the parking lot.
Now, while I totally get drinking at work on occasion, let's at least go with good beer - like Miller Lite!

After work, I headed out for 5-miler number 2.  I started on the treadmill and after about 3.5 miles it was just unbearably hot in our spare room where we keep the treadmill.  So outside I went to run the final mile and a half. When I was finished, I definitely was glad to be finished.  I was sweating up a storm (despite the fact that it wasn't horribly hot out) and I kind of wanted to die a little.  I did a little bit of full body strength training when I was done though.  Air squats (not too much weight for these running legs!), pushups and planks.  It wasn't a super thorough workout, and I honestly slacked a little on the pushups (I will do better tonight!) but it was something!

J arrived home shortly after that.  He has been getting home a little bit earlier lately, and I am loving it.  He had an eye doctor appointment at Sam's Club, and then did a little shopping which included this:
I am loved. :)

He hit the treadmill while I cooked our dinner.  I had tacos planned because I had all of the stuff, and I bought the tortillas last week and did not want them to go bad. Here was my dinner:
I had a second taco as well.  They were delicious (and I had some leftovers for lunch sans tortilla!)
And here is a cute picture of me and the Z-man.  Zeus loves compression as much as I do!


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