7 miles before 6 am

Well well well, I got up and managed to hammer out that 7 miles that I was supposed to today.  It was not an easy run, so I am proud to have done it, and proud to have hit all of the goals that I wanted to in it. 

Today's run as it was originally written in the training plan that I am following was as follows:
1.25 mile warmup
7 drills + 3 strides (ends up at around 0.70 miles)
30 minutes tempo run at Marathon Pace (9:07/mile)
1.25 Miles cooldown.

I adjusted this a little bit because I am usually running so early in the morning that I am rather dependant on the beeps of my watch because I can't just look at it and see what is going on.  So I made some changes as follows (so I also could just run on the street and not have to worry about running on a track!)
2 mile warm up
4 mile tempo (@8:30 pace)
1 mile cool down.

Apparently when I decided what I was going to do, I was not paying enough attention to the fact that my tempo was marathon pace (instead of "threshhold pace").  Whoops.  So I had faster plans than the schedule called for!  Nice Em!

Here is the actual workout:
My pace ended up around 8:29 for the 4 tempo miles, so I am happy about it.  I figured that was good enough!  And overall I averaged under 9min/mile for the full 7.2 miles, which I definitely cannot complain about!

Tomorrow is crosstraining!


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