I am in Cancun for the week and have tried to keep my posting up while I am gone, so I picked a few topics to address for the week and wrote posts in advance. 

It's July.  I am training for a fall marathon, and so are TONS of other people.  And in Ohio, it is freaking hot and humid.  And if it is hot and humid in OHIO, it is really hot further south than here!  So, sorry if you are dealing with even MORE hot temperatures than I am dealing with, but we still gotta get ready for the fall!

So there are a few things that I have done to enjoy my training (as much as it is possible) in this heat! 

During training for my first marathon this past spring, J purchased me a fuel belt.  He got me the four bottle one from the Road Runner Sports website, that looks like this one.
When I was training for the pig I just filled all 4 bottles with water, but now that it is summertime and I am sweating SO MUCH MORE, I fill two with water and two with my other favorite substance:
NUUN!  Triberry is my favorite right now. :)

I use that belt for runs of greater than 10 miles.  Normally for less than that, prior to summer, I didn't use a water bottle, but now with the heat, I have even been taking one with me in the morning.  Yeah, it is just that hot right now.  So if I am out for 3-5 miles (my most regularly run distance during the week) I take just a little handheld bottle:
My Simple Hydration bottle!  Now I cannot say enough good things about this waterbottle.  First of all, its creator is from Cincinnati (and we're "Daily Mile" friends!) and I think that is super neat.  Also, it is very easy to carry.  I actually carried it on my second 20 miler during Pig training because it was a race like atmosphere.  There were 7 water stops during this run, so I carried it, all 20 miles.  And it worked out REALLY well.  The shape of it makes it very easy to carry, even without a little holder!  I can also stick it in my SPIbelt, and it will stay there fine as well.

Hopefully hydration things will go well for you while you are running in this heat!


  1. I really struggled for our 11-miler this morning. Joe and I didn't get outside until after 8:30, when it was already 80 degrees. By mile 3 my water was already warm! At mile 5 I walked a bit and after that it was so difficult to get moving at an acceptable pace again. Joe kept me going and finally, after a very long time, we made it back home. Today's run took the cake for my worst run ever. Lesson learned? Always get outside before the sun is up, regardless of how late you are awake playing euchre.


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