The Color Run - Louisville KY

Steph, Karen and I ran the Color Run in Louisville yesterday.  We did actually run the race, although it was quite a lot slower than we might normally run a 5K, but it was not a completely wasting run either!  We had an absolute blast together not worrying about our pace and trying to get as colorful as possible.  And we decided to sprint to the end (which was super silly, but fun!)

Here is some of the photographic evidence of the havoc we created yesterday in Louisville.
Before the race - Karen, Steph and I looking pristine (except for the McDonalds coffee that I spilled on myself in the car on the way down)
Karen and I - with a better shot of the coffee.

And after the race - looking awesome, obviously.
Karen and I - post race, from the back
Karen and I, then Steph and I.  Obviously, we look amazing.

Have you ever done a color run?  They seem to be really gaining in popularity right now!


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