Sorry for being Debbie Downer

I have been trying to use my blog lately as a way of getting my "Debbie Downer" thoughts out of my head, so I apologize to everyone who reads this and thinks "darn it, Emily!  Can't you please be happy for one day?"  Ha.  It's not exactly that bad, but I am feeling weird about my running right now.  I am feeling a bit discouraged, not to mention a bit unmotivated about the whole thing despite the fact that I have only just over 12 weeks until marathon number 2! 

Karen and I have been talking DAILY trying to give each other encouragement (ok, she is giving ME encouragement because she seems to be completely motivated ALL THE TIME! - and yes, I am a little jealous how motivated she is) and I am grateful to have someone who is willing to listen to my whining.  After I ran with her the first time and she dealt with my crap I was starting to feel excited about running again, seriously.  I was actually kind of looking forward to training! 

So I am hoping that sometime soon that desire and drive comes back to me!  I am MORE than ready to get back to the enjoyment of running and get to some tough training, some hard runs, and making progress toward my goals for this fall. 


  1. Although it's self-serving, I'm glad that someone else is feeling guilty about motivation. It really bugs me to skip runs now and then, like I did today. But it's okay to go away from whatever plan you're using now and then, I think, as long as you get your most important runs done (long runs first then speed work).

    I am feeling a little dumpy today already. Joe had a different workout scheduled for this morning, our other training guy wanted to take them morning off, and I don't like to run alone in the dark (before it's blazing hot) nor did I feel like running in the sun, so no run for me today. I am fighting tendonitis in my foot, though, so it's probably wise to take a rest day.

    Chin up, Emily! You're doing great. I think this is just a phase and as we get closer to Columbus 21st, we'll both get more amped.


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