Running mojo?

FYI - I wrote all of this yesterday, but forgot to publish it, so here ya go!

So I feel that I this week has been a little challenging for me with running.  I did it, for the most part, but I honestly very rarely felt like getting out there.  On Thursday I skipped my run all together (and it was a long-ish one) and just did the elliptical instead.  And as is typical, I felt super guilty about it.  I was doing my boot camp workouts as well, which was good, and definitely affected my legs and their abilities to keep my running going.

But yesterday I had kind of a stressful & overwhelming day.  So when I got home from work, I got my running gear on and headed out! I didn't worry about pace at all. I just ran. I rolled back into my house just as a big storm got in covering 3.61 miles at an average pace of 9:14.

Not only did my pace go pretty well for a "de-stress" run, but I kind of felt like my running mojo came back. I felt awesome. Relaxed. And felt like maybe I liked running.

Saturday I got up early in the morning for my long run. 9 miles. It went darn well if I say so myself. Update on the color run tomorrow!


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