Running Running, all around

I am back at it.  I have been home from Mexico since Saturday night.  Sunday was definitely a slacker/catch up at home kind of day.  I went to the grocery, did some laundry from the trip, hung out with the pups that clearly missed us, etc.  But yesterday I was back to the grindstone. 

I did a track workout yesterday morning.  It wasn't the MOST difficult track workout I have ever done, but I definitely was pushing myself (especially after skipping last week's long run!).  It went like this:

1.25 Mile warmup
400m repeats x6 @ 7:30/mile pace
recover in between for about 1:45
1.25 Mile cooldown. 

I did 5 miles.

Here is a quick recap of my vacation running.  No details into exactly what the workouts were, but distances and times:

Monday: 4.002 miles in 34:30
Tuesday: 5.590 miles in 50:00
Wednesday: 5.095 miles in 45:00
Thursday: 6.002 miles in 52:18
Total distance for the week: 20.689

Not bad for a vacation running.  Every single one of those miles was run on the treadmill with the incline set at 1.0.  After all of my writing about beach running, etc, J basically told me that he doesn't pay ransom for wives that get kidnapped in Mexico.  And I guess, let's be honest, the beach in Mexico is not exactly the same as the beach in Hilton Head and stuff, so I respected his wishes and just ran at the resort gym.

Today, now that I have gotten through my first day back to the office, as well as Leah's birthday party, I headed out for 4 miles.  We had 4 miles at "maintenence pace" (9:28) on the schedule.  I struggled to keep that pace and ended up doing my 4 miles in 9:17 avg.  I am really going to have to work on relaxing and taking it easy on those maintenace pace days.  Seriously.  I need to let these legs get a break sometimes!


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